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Which Style of Catering Service Best Fits My Event?

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Whether it be a wedding reception, graduation party, or perhaps even a networking event with light bites, there are a few identifying factors that will decide the best type of service to tailor your event around. Leave it to us to provide flawless execution of whichever style is chosen, but we’d like to educate you to best choose the style to make your event a success. 

Reception Service

Light bites which are served buffet-style on a table, usually self-serve. This style is ideal for events followed by a full meal, and to keep your guests socializing and moving about the venue. For example: a cocktail hour

Passed Hors d’ Oeuvres

Food is placed on trays and passed by servers. Guests serve themselves with cocktail napkins provided by the server. This is a typical style of service used for upscale receptions, and could also be used in tandem with the Reception Service option.

Buffet (Self-Serve)

Food and drink selections are displayed on the buffet table. Guests move about the buffet line and serve themselves, then return to their seats to eat. This option is usually preferred for events with an assortment of menu items. For example: family reunions, holiday parties, corporate luncheons, graduation parties, etc. 

Buffet (Line Service)

An elevated service option from the Self-Serve. Servers are positioned behind each buffet line station. Not only does this provide a level of convenience to your guests, it also ensures portion control. Servers can also provide beverage service at tableside.

Plated Service

Guests are seated. Meals are arranged on plates and served by servers. This style of service is usually associated with weddings, formal dining events, or intimate dining.

Action Stations

Chefs prepare and serve foods at the buffet. It’s any meal station that requires an on-site display of cooking, mixing, adding toppings, etc. Examples include: Carving stations (prime rib, turkey, ham), pasta, shrimp & grits, omelet’s, tacos. 

Family-style Service

Guests are seated. Large serving platters and bowls are filled with foods kitchen and set on the dining tables. Guests serve themselves, and pass the foods to each other. Family dining experiences best suit this style

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