What People are Saying

I had the pleasure to host an Artistic Soul Catering chef for a private affair. I can say without a doubt that his preparation and presentation were on point! The combination of flavors were a joy for everyone who attended my event. The Chef’s friendly demeanor and prompt delivery of service allowed me play host to my guests and leave the food delivery to this professional. I recommend Artistic Soul Catering with full confidence. Cheers! Happy Eating!
-J. Thompson

I encountered Artistic Soul in my pursuit for a competent caterer. The chef prepared a Cajun/Blackened Shrimp and Chicken Alfredo for my team. We were thoroughly impressed! It was aesthetically plated and abundant in bold colors and textures. Each fresh, tender bite was imbued with supreme flavor. This was by far the best rendition of this dish I'd ever had. A mouthwatering masterpiece! It enveloped the aroma, art and ambition that he puts into every single creation. Needless to say, ASC is my caterer of choice.
-F. Sterling - True Joy Events

Artistic Soul Catering made spaghetti for my mother’s birthday party. Delicious is an understatement! The homemade sauce with the fresh tomatoes, sweet peppers, basil and oregano, onion, all combined with the hint of red wine was a hit amongst all in attendance! I recommend you give it a try, Artistic Soul will not disappoint!
-W. Jackson

I’ve had the pleasure of tasting an exquisite and tasty meal prepared by an Artistic Soul Catering chef. The meal consisted of whole roasted chicken with garlic and herbs, redskin mashed potatoes with parmesan cheese, and roasted garlic cloves and pearl onions with sautéed broccoli. The way the meal was prepared and the love and care he put into the meal really shows just how passionate he is about cooking. I would let ASC cook for me any day of the week!
-G. Hills

I've had the pleasure of eating this incredible cuisine on occasion, and I have never been disappointed.  The chef’s talent for combining different ingredients in new ways and his extensive knowledge of technique with meats and fresh produce will always yield an eclectic and exciting meal that is a delight for all of the senses. Grade: 2 tongues up!
R. Hollifield

There are so many delicious meals that I’ve had the pleasure of tasting from ASC, I can’t just pinpoint one! Every dish prepared was amazing! From the jerk fish and steak tacos, the Cajun oysters Rockefeller with cheese and bacon, the bbq....and even breakfast. Each dish left me wanting more, and the presentation was outstanding! I can't wait for my next meal from Artistic Soul!
T. Collins

Deliciously Mouthwatering!  Artistic Soul has one of the best authentic cheesesteaks I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience!  Warm, soft bread stuffed with fresh thinly sliced/shaved Rib eye steak, hot melted provolone cheese, sautéed onions and roasted peppers. Seasoned to PERFECTION!  Heaven on a roll!!!!!
-S. Wannamaker